Illustration by Amy Bobeda

I am walking in madison square parkit is busypeople are going,
to eatalyfor pistachio pastemy bag,is full
of spices from kalustyan’swhere a coupledanced
in front of the halva because they are getting married
I am walking past a man in a hammock strung between two dead trees I am
walking past four dozen people leaning against dead trees  I am walking
past ghosts emotionally meditatingloomingthe
man in the hammock is facing the sidewalk all of us watching him watching
walkingit is busypeople are drinking their shakes against dead trees people
are walking to buy legos which are also dead which are also watching us
watching them walkingduring the golden age  madison square park was
the classiest spot where twain and melville walked from west to east walking
the sandy soil of cedar creek walking past a home for juvenile delinquents walking
past ghosts emotionally meditating at shake shack walking past a workman’s
sifting screen  the sun cast a shadow of roads across manhattan past anne taylor and
harry potter to abc carpet where I am walking emotionally meditating over

Amy Bobeda holds an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics where she founded Wisdom Body Collective. She is an editor of More Revolutionary Letters: A Tribute to Diane di Prima. Her work can be read/is forthcoming in Entropy, Vol1 Brooklyn, Denver Quarterly, TYPO, Full-Stop and elsewhere. @amybobeda on twitter.