for Aria / for Evita

my baby
face a cactus
one too far to touch
a succulent
sunset portrait

at 5 o’clock come out
from your tile
your tucson stucco
take the sonoran
desert tread with care
about the sharp
thistled shadows
inhuman suns
play on organpipe stems

the greasewood
most sweet for you
smells of rain

velvet mesquite most touching
in its yielding pods
you find fruits you can consume

you and I both
know these
things before the saguaro

you seek the small the
soft and petaled

sterling-elizabeth arcadia (she/they) is a trans poet and diy tattooer in baltimore, where she watches birds and cares for her cat. her work is published or forthcoming in New Delta Review, Poetry Online, HAD, Cosmonauts Avenue, and elsewhere.