At the SkyTrain station, you press your back against a gas explosion’s ghost. Roundhouse, City Center, Waterfront. You are from the Shield constellation, I have decided. Of your fingers on your shopping bag and your cervical spine against the glass, I have made decisions, shells and membranes. I have ionized the oxygen, made you glow green and observable from Atacama. Middle Arm, Sea Island, YVR. I’m speaking to you of my decisions from three thousand lightyears in the future. In the future, I have handed you a tourist’s forgotten sunglasses and made you a dead star.

Meghan Kemp-Gee lives somewhere between Vancouver BC and Fredericton NB. She writes poetry, comics, stories, and scripts of all kinds. Her debut poetry collection, The Animal in the Room, is forthcoming from Coach House Books in Spring 2023. She also co-created Contested Strip, the world’s best comic about ultimate frisbee. Find her on Twitter @MadMollGreen.